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At Pioneer Motorsport we strive to sell you an experience, not just the items and merchandise on the showroom floor. We make every customer that walks through the door a member of our family.

Terry Armstrong - Owner

Terry Armstrong

Terry has been around the business since day one when his father (Ken Armstrong) started it. He and wife Michelle have grown the business tremendously over the years.
Michelle Armstrong - Owner

Michelle Armstrong

Michelle came to work with Terry in 1993 and has helped the business evolve to what it is today. She does a wonderful job managing the different departments of the business along with the day to day operations of being a business owner.
Chad Armstrong - Parts Manager

Chad Armstrong

Parts Manager
Chad has been around the family business for as long as he can remember. This has given him a great understanding of how to continue to better the Parts Department and the business as a whole. Chad works alongside Terry to further the success of the business. All while providing the best possible customer experience.
Kyle Armstrong - Accounting and Finance

Kyle Armstrong

Accounting and Finance
Just like Chad, Kyle has been around the business for as long as he can remember. The family business upbringing has given experience that can't be taught. Kyle works alongside Michelle in trying to make the business the best it can be, while making customer service the main priority.

Sales Department

While it is our job to sell new vehicles, we often find they sell themselves. We sell the experience of purchasing from our family oriented dealership. Our sales staff is up to date on all current product as well as incentives to help you save money. Our pre-owned showroom is also great place to shop for quality machines at a great price. We stand behind our pre owned vehicles by offering a 30 day warranty on most all of these items. Stop in, call, or email us for any information you may be seeking on new or used inventory

Mike Massara - Sales Associate

Mike Massara

Sales Associate
Mike as been part of the family since March 2002. His knowledge of the industry is endless which allows him to educate and inform potential customers in an efficient manner.
Tom Ronan - Sales Associate

Tom Ronan

Sales Associate
Tom has been with us Since October 2004, and in the family forever (Michelle's brother). His sense of humor and personality makes him fun and exciting to deal with. He also serves as the radio voice for Pioneer Motorsport.

Parts Department

Our Parts Department stocks a great number of parts and accessories for all makes and models. We also carry multi lines of clothing and apparel. Whether it be parts for repairs, the latest accessories for your new machine, or the newest riding gear our parts associates have you covered. Special orders placed daily to allow for quick turnaround on parts, accessories, and apparel. Stop in today or call for all your parts needs!

Charlie Shaw - Parts Associate

Charlie Shaw

Parts Associate
Charlie has been with us since October 2009. He is a tremendous all around asset to the department. Along with his parts associate duties he also plays a major role in shipping/receiving and inventory management.
Gerry Szlanski - Parts and Sales Associate

Gerry Szlanski

Parts and Sales Associate
Gerry joined the team in July 2015 and has many years of experience in the industry. Gerry is very well versed in all segments of the business. You will find Gerry working the parts desk most often, but may also see him working the sales floor.
Gary Lavin - Parts Associate

Gary Lavin

Parts Associate
Gary has been in the family since May 2003. Whether it be in person or over the phone Gary can help with any parts and accessory needs.
Jennifer Scrimshaw - Apparel Associate

Jennifer Scrimshaw

Apparel Associate
Jen has been part of the team since June 2015 and has prior experience within the industry. She is the clothing and apparel specialist. When it comes to sizing, fitment, and fashion regarding your gear Jen has you taken care of.
Ken Armstrong - Receiving

Ken Armstrong

As the founder of the business Ken stays busy in his retirement. When he is not spending time with the grand kids he often comes in to help the guys in shipping and receiving.
New Employee -

New Employee

Service Department

We know we can't sell them all, but we certainly can fix them all. Our service department is hands down one of the best. With trained and experienced technicians there is very little we cannot fix. With an outstanding service manager leading the team, all of your service needs can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner. Whether it be technical questions, service work, or warranty work we are here to make sure your machine is back on the trail/road/water. Call or stop in today to schedule your next service visit!

Hank Williams - Service Manager

Hank Williams

Service Manager
Hank has been with us since October 2002. He has been an enthusiast in the inventory his whole life. He does a tremendous job balancing the duties of service manager, by getting machines repaired in a very efficient matter.
Chris Hutchison - Technician

Chris Hutchison

Chris has played a vital role with us since July 1998. His experience and knowledge can not be beat. If there is a problem Chris is the one to fix it. His loyalty and commitment to the entire service team is a true asset.
Les Charles - Technician

Les Charles

Les has been a positive contributor to the service department since June 2011. He comes from great hands on experience in the industry. He makes it a strong point to not only understand the Service aspect of business but the business as a whole.
Jason "Moose" Marsh - Technician

Jason "Moose" Marsh

Jason has been with us since April 2015. He has spent many years working on and repairing machines of all sorts. Jason has been huge addition to the service team.
Jason Bucheit - Technician

Jason Bucheit

Jason has been with us since March 2012. Along with working on customer repairs Jason also spends some time working in the office alongside Hank.
Seth Ford - Technician

Seth Ford

Seth has been with the Service Department since December 2014. His main duties consist of customer repair work as well as getting new units out the door.
Joe Noel - Assembly Technician

Joe Noel

Assembly Technician
Joe has been a very valuable long time member of the family since June 1990. He is a set up and assembly technician. Joe does a great job balancing the seasonality of the business by having the proper products set up and ready to go. He also is vital to shop and lot maintenance.
John Reinard - Lot Maintenance

John Reinard

Lot Maintenance
John has been with us since April 2015. John is a tremendous help around the lot doing anything from washing vehicles, loading/unloading vehicles, or whatever else may need to be done to keep operations running smoothly.

Accounting and Finance

Whether it be accounting, finance or DMV related questions our staff in the back office is more than willing to help. We have the ability to finance new and used vehicles through a variety of different lenders. Inquire today for financing your motorsport wants/needs.

Laura Shaw - Accounting

Laura Shaw

Laura has been part of the family since October 2013. The back office has benefited largely to having Laura on the team. Laura's thoroughness and hard work helps keeps things running smoothly.
Gayle Sprague - Accounting/ Payroll/Cook

Gayle Sprague

Accounting/ Payroll/Cook
Gayle has been helping out since January 2004, yet in the family forever as she is Michelle's mother. She comes and goes as she pleases as her real job is in real estate. She does some accounting and payroll work, but more importantly feeds the entire staff lunch on Saturdays.


When you deal with mud, dirt, and snow things can tend to get a little messy. We treat our dealership as a home away from home. It is our priority to keep our operation clean, comfortable and safe.

Lois Kittleson -

Lois Kittleson

Lois has been with the family since May 2001. She takes tremendous pride in every aspect of her job. She does a great job in keeping the environment clean and comfortable.
Mona Bantle -

Mona Bantle

Mona has been with us since February 2013. She as an assistant to Lois and jack of all trades keeping the showroom tidy as well as the back service shop.

Staff's Best Friends

Whether it is sunny or cloudy, a good day or bad day, everyone can look to Shelby for a smile.

Shelby -


Shelby has been the full time shop dog since November 2002. Her daily tasks consist of barking at people when the go into the money drawer and chasing the Parts staff when the go to the upstairs parts room. She also makes sure a meal is not missed.